Where to start?

Competitive Intelligence

Find top adsense, analytics and affiliate websites and networks:

Search for known domain and see its links with other domains
Use any type of ID you know, to find out sites linked to this ID
See what domains use the same IP as your competitor

For a more detailed explanation of how to use AWrank read this F.A.Q.

Competitive Intelligence

Find profitable related sites' networks by:

Adsense IDs
Analytics IDs
IP addresses
Webmaster's e-mails

From one domain find thousands related. Find top adsense and affiliate websites and networks

Competitive Intelligence

Works everywhere you need

Get actual accurate info anywhere, on any device

Special optimized website engine provides you this Service at any Internet speed.

Any device can work with our Service simply through a browser. You don't need a special app to use AWrank

Work everywhere you need
How does it work?

Domain names, IP addresses, name server records, Google Analytics IDs and Google AdSense IDs, mail exchange records and even more site information from .net, .com, .us, .org, .info, .biz and other TLDs - all this can be analyzed with the help of AWrank

Database of AWrank contains about 290 000 000 analyzed domains. AWrank analyzes sites by several key parameters. With the help of this data it is possible to reveal hidden interconnection of almost any site in the Internet.

What this data can be used for?

Using our Service you are able to analyze domain groups belonging to the same company or webmaster. AWrank provides you such opportunities as:

  • Related Websites lookup
  • Revealing of hidden projects
  • Identification of Advertising sites' networks
  • Competitive analysis
  • Finding of target audience
  • Discovery and implementation of new ways and methods of Internet business
  • Having analyzed Analytics IDs it becomes possible to get clients list of some SEO-company
  • Getting the list of a virtual hosting clients via its reverse IP address
Our database contains more than 290 000 000 domains
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